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Francis H. Dong, Ph.D.

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Francis H. Dong

  • Professor – taught international business at the university level. 
  • Experienced international consultant to enterprises in Europe and Asia.
  • Lectured internationally on business, finance, and cultural acclimation to foreign settings.
  • Expert in executive education, organizational development, and strategic planning and policy.
  • Consultant on public policy, finance, and international affairs.
  • Have resided, long-term, in Europe and Asia.
  • Expert in Asia – special emphasis on Southeast Asia.
  • Education includes post-graduate program taught completely in Thai in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • E-learning expertise . . . supports business and educational endeavors on a global basis.
  • Extensive experience with the Department of Defense and the Department of State.

Dr. Francis H. Dong maintains an active consultancy in adult education, finance, management, and international business. He has served on several boards and councils and has presented to conferences in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. His business experience includes being Director of Strategic Learning Services for Arthur Andersen, LLP, in its business and government consulting practices. Engagements that he managed or to which he contributed served clients representing major multinational, foreign, and domestic companies in chemicals, communications, finance, and high technology as well as academic institutions and governmental agencies.

Professor Dong’s academic career includes serving as a Dean or Director at several major universities. He taught finance and international business at University of Maryland University College, finance to corporate executives for the Pennsylvania State University, international business at George Mason University, and directed programs in technology, business, and engineering at the University of Virginia. Professor Dong has published in several media including periodicals, books, video, and the World Wide Web that address business communications, management, international business, and eLearning.

A Distinguished Military Graduate, his United States Army career included service with the 1st Cavalry Division and subsequently with the American Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand; the Army General Staff; the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He graduated from the Defense Language Institute (the Outstanding Graduate), the United States Army Command and General Staff College (Commandant’s List), and the Royal Thai Army Command and General Staff College (taught in Thai).