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Connect with US and EU Based Companies at CES

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/05/2016 - 14:50


Kindly note that one of our DEC member, Laszlo Horvath of Active Media has partnered with the European Enterprise Network (EEN) to connect US and EU based companies at CES, the World’s largest innovation show.  Any enterprise interested in partnering and meeting with companies interested in entering the US or the EU is welcome.  The event is sponsored by the EU and supported by the US Department of Commerce.  Active Media is offering a discount and free preparation session (for startups).  Laszlo advised that they are very excited to offer the second startup competition at MatchFest on Jan 3-5 in in Las Vegas, followed by CES on Jan 5-8. 

Below are the links offering their discount and preparation session plus additional information on CES.  The full package includes receptions, dinners, matchmaking, networking etc.                           

For further information, DEC members should contact directly.
US Toll Free 855 997 9195 | 650 353 2040 Silicon Valley | 703 757 9195 Virginia/Washington DC


John Saylor
Virginia-Washington, DC District Export Council
300 North Lee Street, Third Floor, Alexandria, VA 22314