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Brett Bruen

  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Risk Management
Paramount Sleep

Richard Diamonstein

  • 3rd Generation family mattress manufacturer
  • SBA Exporter of the Year 2013
  • VEDP VALET program 
  • Exports to China, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Korea, Turke
  • Supplier to US Government facilities worldwide
TMEIC Corporation

Michael Cooper

  • 35 years in international trade specializing in market entry and sales
  • Years of experience in working with and negotiating large multi-year greenfield manufacturing projects with Chinese SOEs and private companies
  • Has worked extensively with US, European and Asian multi-national partners to secure large scale projects and ensure successful execution
  • Has also worked for small and medium sized companies so understand the additional difficulties they encounter when doing business overseas without a large multi-national company behind them
FRD Properties, LLC

Francis H. Dong

  • Professor – taught international business at the university level. 
  • Experienced international consultant to enterprises in Europe and Asia.
  • Lectured internationally on business, finance, and cultural acclimation to foreign settings.
  • Expert in executive education, organizational development, and strategic planning and policy.
  • Consultant on public policy, finance, and international affairs.
  • Have resided, long-term, in Europe and Asia.
  • Expert in Asia – special emphasis on Southeast Asia.
  • Education includes post-graduate program taught completely in Thai in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • E-learning expertise . . . supports business and educational endeavors on a global basis.
  • Extensive experience with the Department of Defense and the Department of State.
Northern VA & DC U.S. Export Assistance Center

Bill Fanjoy

Lisa K. Garcia LLC

Lisa K. Garcia

  • International Sales and Business Development
  • Market Research
  • Small Business Development Assistance
  • Customer Discovery
  • Resource Identification and Development for Small/Medium Businesses
  • Market Entry and Expansion 
  • Strategies International 
  • Networking
Trade Center Management Associates

Andrew Gelfuso

  • Private Sector Advisor to the USG on Trade Policy
  • International Business Development Services
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Trade Promotional Programs
  • Foreign Direct Investment Assistance
  • Embassy Outreach & Engagement
  • Global Marketing
  • Government Affairs