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Sally Harman

  • Current Position: After Market Parts Sales Manager / Export Specialist
  • Previous experience includes over 7 years with a leading freight forwarder in both Air and Ocean Exports
  • Combined over 17 years of experience exporting 
  • Export coordination and document preparation
  • Export Letter of Credit processing

Stefanie Holland

  • More than 10 years experience in trade policy
  • Focus on technology companies, digital trade 
  • Government affairs and congressional outreach 
  • Small business trade advocacy and grassroots organizing
Website: CompTIA
George Mason University-Mason Enterprise Center

Jody Keenan

  • Economic development assistance
  • Small business development assistance
  • Access to capital assistance
  • Higher education and university based programs
  • Statewide economic development partnerships
Allegheny Brokerage Company, Inc.

James Loux

Fulton International Group

Federico Manno

Gatekeeper Inc.

Christopher Millar

  • Developed markets in Russia, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Africa, South East Asia, and Latin America
  • Developed a worldwide network of distribution partners and associated incentive programs
  • Developed various routes to market that have been successful in opening new markets to new products
  • Developed a risk management program to assist in monitoring exposure levels to geographical and end user profiles
  • Developed various trade financing structures that insulate exporters from foreign party risk
  • Developed foreign offices to support domestic sales
  • Developed technologies to meet foreign market demand
  • Employed staff in foreign markets that best suit each market and can be trusted to operate and support all business functions